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Dedicated to the communication of science, Dr. Walker is an internationally recognized speaker, media discussant. His TED talk was one of the fastest to reach 1M views. He is a frequent feature on mainstream television and radio outlets, including CBS, and the BBC

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Dr. Walker has been interviewed across a collection of radio and podcast programs, including the Joe Rogan podcast, the BBC and NRP’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, City Arts & Lectures, Hidden Brain, Science Friday and NPR Forum.

With the goal of promoting sleep's critical importance, he speaks at events and forums available to the general public, and offers workshops to business leaders, technology firms, and medical and healthcare professionals.

Dr. Walker was the feature of a CBS 60 Minutes special entitled, The Science of SleepDr. Walker has also helped create the recent National Geographic documentary, Sleepless in America, and the PBS NOVA special, Memory HackersMost recently, he has contributed to the BBC Horizon documentary, Curing Alzheimer’s

Dr. Walker is represented by the talent agency, WME​Should you be interested in seeking Dr. Walker as a speaker, or for radio or television appearances, please email the WME representative by clicking here

Dr. Walker's numerous presentations include several Google Tech talks, the prestigious Royal Institute (Ri) and Royal Society for the Arts (RSA) in London, and the The Smithsonian in Washington. Matt has also taught a sleep series for MasterClass.

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